easy pickings…

März 13, 2009


At the risk of repeating (??) myself, one of the strange (few) rules I impose upon myself is that I’m not allowed to visit any of the NYC library sites unless it’s by ‚accident‘ – from a search or from a secondary link. I don’t ever steer the browser there as a primary destination. Partly this is because it’s like shooting fish in a barrel so BibliOdyssey might just become a mirror site for their wonderful collections, in which case I would tend to feel a tad redundant; and partly it’s because of the great swathes of time the sites steal from my life when I get there.

On this occasion, some forgotten search led me to the

 Picture Collection Online at the Mid-Manhattan Library,

from where I staggered out after some hours or days with the above clutch of images…“

by ‚BibliOdyssey


see also his tipp „Insight


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