life coding…

April 23, 2009


„before you sight it, you can feel the place. Even draped over a gunwale, cheek against a fender smelling of tar, eyes tearing and insides sloshing as the sea. Even barren and scorched as Rossokovsky and the White Russian Army left it in the spring. It’s a face. On the maps, it’s a skull or a corroded face in profile, facing southwest: a small marshy lake for the eye-socket, nose-and-mouth cavity cutting in at the entrance to the Peene, just below the power station…

[Gravity’s Rainbow [501]. Thomas Pynchon]“



„Peenemünde [xxxxx] can be regarded as a life coding event with such compressed terms indicating relations to economics, architecture (a machine for living), substance and software [as scripting, as active means of description]. A concern is thus with the active design and implementation of a public, participatory format extending beyond terms such as (underground) workshop or working group. We are concerned with constructivism and construction (of plans, of apparatus, of interface, of software, of ideas and a view of the world) within a specific site of fiction and revelation (Peenemünde); a questioning of the detail of revelation and substance within a paranoiac frame (conspiracy and crash)…“

Peenemünde erklärt



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