life coding…

April 23, 2009


„before you sight it, you can feel the place. Even draped over a gunwale, cheek against a fender smelling of tar, eyes tearing and insides sloshing as the sea. Even barren and scorched as Rossokovsky and the White Russian Army left it in the spring. It’s a face. On the maps, it’s a skull or a corroded face in profile, facing southwest: a small marshy lake for the eye-socket, nose-and-mouth cavity cutting in at the entrance to the Peene, just below the power station…

[Gravity’s Rainbow [501]. Thomas Pynchon]“



„Peenemünde [xxxxx] can be regarded as a life coding event with such compressed terms indicating relations to economics, architecture (a machine for living), substance and software [as scripting, as active means of description]. A concern is thus with the active design and implementation of a public, participatory format extending beyond terms such as (underground) workshop or working group. We are concerned with constructivism and construction (of plans, of apparatus, of interface, of software, of ideas and a view of the world) within a specific site of fiction and revelation (Peenemünde); a questioning of the detail of revelation and substance within a paranoiac frame (conspiracy and crash)…“

Peenemünde erklärt


man made objects…

März 19, 2009



„Collisions of an unusual nature have been in the news lately. First, we had the story about the satellites, one Russian and one American, colliding in space and then only days later, two heavily armed and highly dangerous nuclear submarines belonging to Britain and France collided in the vast empty spaces beneath the Atlantic Ocean. 

Two one-in-a-million collisions, it would seem…

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it’s true…

März 18, 2009




„I think the surest sign that intelligent life exists elsewhere in the Universe, is that none of it has tried to contact us yet“ -Calvin&Hobbes“


too precise…

März 4, 2009

well, this gets funny:




by „APOLLO Reality

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our moonbell…

Januar 11, 2009

try this for some sound…it’s bound by the face of the moon, but somehow…it’s cool!!!


link by „riding with robots

the roar…

Januar 11, 2009

„Mystery Roar from Faraway Space Detected…“

a closer look…

Dezember 28, 2008

„Today, with new NASA imagery in (not copyrighted), plus a few photos from a Russian source, you can get a closer look at science and maintenance work in orbit, including several fascinating spacewalks…“