Dezember 27, 2009

„James Gaussman and the Jewelled Pyramid of China:

Egyptian pyramids? Sure, everyone knows about the ones at Giza – and a few aficionados might know about the 138 others (!) scattered around them. Mesoamerican pyramids? Okay, a lot of folks know about them, too — or even that the great one at Cholula is considered to be the largest one in the world.

But, unfortunately, not many people know that pyramids have come in other flavors as well, including the mysterious and legendary ones in China…“

source   ‚Dark Roasted Blend‘


such a mess…

Februar 25, 2009

‚my modern METROPOLIS‘ has this „Mysterious Little People Hard at Work and Play“

„They Leave Such a Mess“

wer möchte…

Dezember 13, 2008

„kann sich die Bilder als Wallpaper installieren…“