Mai 26, 2009

so here is ‚You Dee‚!


You Dee`s most important influence is water next to silence. Water leaking into the basin and thus proposing the measure. Sound spreading as space offers the possibility. The ‚United Amateurs‘ make music because music just does not mean anything. There are no symbols to listen to. The ear simply is able to relax.‘ Nice. And poetic. But generally, we the label have to contradict. It is a coquettish lie that this music shall not mean anything. On their first album, You Dee work on the same architectonic structures as Senking, Pole, Raster Noton or System. As well as the specific sound of every single of these references is incompatible, You Dee defined their very own signals to be sent into space. You Dee`s music indeed suits for relaxing, but it is not at all Ambient that makes you fall asleep. Their music exactly is the contrary: this Ambient wants to be precisely listened to. It wants to know well read it`s ‚poppige Flaechen‘, it`s melancholic drifts and all these tiny particles of melodies. In the end you have heard a lot — but you are relaxed nevertheless.

For whoever needs the following: You Dee is Sven Rieger, Peter Hansen and Stefan Wust from Berlin and Stuttgart…

by ‚Forced Exposure

and here are some mp3 examples from their 1. album „Adapter“:



Muy Casera

Squeak rustle and harmony



and some mp3 examples from their 2. album „through the tulips“:




crime time

rise and die




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