Dezember 28, 2009

from netaudio London / Berlin – tip by J-Lab:



Dezember 13, 2009

Gianni Vitiello † 12.12.2009


Juni 1, 2009

nice tip by ‚Luminol‚:

Massive Attack, Angel (Album Version) (Singles 90/98, 1998)

another lala…

Mai 28, 2009


„Schwachstelzen auf dem Weg in die Bar…“


April 20, 2009


„since i am going downunder next week,it would be great to see y´all before i go.i reckon i will come up to the bookshop on tuesday around nine,theres some dutch guy playing ,theres the bar and east of eden is a good place to hang out.schreinerstr.10 that  is.

i highly recommend you to come and see orit aka little birdie play on thursday.
also starting at 9pm.. It..s at Cafe Agatha ,15 Jahn Stasse, very close to Hermannplatz,  Free entrance!
then friday i have my last dj-night in fette ecke in schlesischestrasse in x-berg.
startin 10pm
i hope to see you!

b box…

April 15, 2009

today: Oslim

missed it…

April 2, 2009


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